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Unique Deal Flow from a Wide Array of Transaction Sources 


Valhalla is uniquely positioned to benefit from distressed investment opportunities referred by numerous sources including our established network of relationships, the affiliates and employees of the firm and opportunities introduced by other lenders.  We have significant relationships with many of the leading mortgage investors.  Additionally, our collective experience and expertise has led to the development of relationships with thousands of potential referral sources throughout the United States and Canada.  Our team is in constant communication with note portfolio managers and a host of other vital sources of real estate investment opportunities available in the industry.


We believe the real estate debt capital markets are inefficient, allowing a manager with the right platform and skill set to generate outsized returns.  Pricing in the space tends to be driven by statistical analyses, which often fail to accurately reflect the pricing characteristics of real estate debt exposures.  In addition to statistical analysis, Valhalla performs fundamental analysis on the debt instruments, utilizing the firm’s significant expertise in owning properties and its extensive network of brokers and local operating partners.


Our management firmly believes that the resources, expertise and level of experience are far superior to those of similar investment firms of our size.  Our primary target market includes commercial asset and residential based loans, which typically fall below the investment parameters of larger investment funds. This niche has historically been ignored by these funds and provides Valhalla with a unique opportunity to acquire mortgages collateralized by properties in prime locations.


Our senior personnel have developed investment strategies that take advantage of the opportunities presented by such situations. Our investment process combines value oriented, fundamental analysis with the an understanding of the legal aspects of a abnkruptcy or other reorganization proceeding.  From a basic perspective, the analysis is initially to determine the asset value or enterprise value of the subject company, and then assess, based on such value, the likely recoveries by each creditor constituency and the timing thereof.



Distressed Debt 

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