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Core Values

Valhalla  was founded on the basic premises and values which appear below.  In both good times and bad, when faced with intricate and complex decisions, we fall back on our clearly defined business principles to help determine our most appropriate and prudent course of action.


Investors’ Interests Always Come First.  Experience shows that if we serve our investors well, our own success will follow.  While it is important, we’re not just about making money. 


Dedication to Uncompromising Integrity.  Valhalla promise to its investors and employees is to always exhibit the highest professional standards, uncompromised ethics and honest straightforward conduct.  Our primary objective is to always communicate information accurately.  Valhalla believes in truthfully conveying our beliefs and positions.  Valhalla stands by what we have stated or done, and diligently follows through on our commitments. But above all else, Reason always acts in our partners/investors best interest. Reason firmly believes these are critical factors to our success since the company’s inception. As Thomas Jefferson, once wrote “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock”.


Skillfully Executing and Providing Sound Judgment.  Within Valhalla we continually strive to efficiently, expeditiously and quietly (meaning without attracting much attention) complete new acquisitions. It is essential that we allow Reason to be flexible whenever or wherever possible. Reason exhibits resourcefulness, but remains focused on fully implementing our time-tested objective investment decision-making processes, principals and disciplines. Our goals are to always to look at adding “Value” to the asset(s). Reason accomplishes these goals by thinking and managing like operators, but structuring like financiers.


Bringing Exhibiting Passion, Perseverance and Temperament To Our Work.  At Valhalla we continually energize our management team and employees to elevate their performances. That is accomplished by recognizing and rewarding the individual or team efforts and successes.  We believe that mistakes are a tool to learn from not punish. Being passionate and patient about what you do and reaping the rewards creates an atmosphere for success: "We want patriots, not mercenaries.“ 


Acting with Allegiance and Alignment.  Nothing could be more critical or important to a company’s success than demonstrating allegiance to partners, managers and employees. This can be accomplished by establishing mutual trust, teamwork, individual/team accountability and creation of attractive compensation packages. We continually promote the teamwork concept in every phase of our operation. Individual creativity is always encouraged and recognized. However, we point out that sharing ideas or concepts with others may further improve or enhance Reasons overall portfolio. We invoke the same concept when it comes to listening to our customers, suppliers and our competitors. We are always available to provide a steady hand whenever it is needed.


Creating value by employing Intellectual Capital.  Valhalla believes in competing on the basis of our intellectual (rather than financial) capital. We look to our intellectual bank of knowledge and expertise rather than trying to outbid, or overpaying, the competition on an asset or package being marketed. Winning is not always the best reason for coming out on top. At Valhalla our goal is to maximize the bottom line return for every dollar expended. In keeping with that philosophy, we’d rather be the best rather than the biggest (if we’re forced to choose).


We stress teamwork in everything we do while building great firms and assets.  While individual creativity is always encouraged, we have found that team effort often produces the best results. Valhalla  believes that the most important factor in building successful businesses is having the innate ability to attract, develop, excite and retain exceptional people. In addition, we foster a goal oriented environment that brings innovations in management practice and enhanced capabilities. Reason believes in taking risks. Risks that are well thought out, calculated and managed through a process that utilizes safety nets to fall back on.


Improving Techniques and Solving Problems.  We provide assistance in tackling the most challenging financial and managerial issues to make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements. We provide strategic leadership through the right mix of experience, vision and perseverance.


Promoting Lifelong Learning and Agility.  At Valhalla we are continuously improving ourselves and our investments through curiosity, empathy, creativity and initiative. In every business and industry there is an

ongoing learning curve and we promote the ability to learn quickly from experience and apply learning to new situations.


We’re disciples of Fundamental Credit analysis, due diligence and understanding our ways out. "Affairs are easier of entrance than of exit; and it is but common prudence to see our way out before we venture in."  ~ Aesop

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